Being aware of societal and environmental issues, Environmental, Social and Governance ESG policies are put at the heart of JM Concept operations. 

We act on these 3 areas with actions that we intensify and improve a little each year. ESG is more than ticking boxes, it is ingrained in our way to operate; a matrix of these actions and projects is updated and reviewed annually.


The employees, supported by management and process managers (Sales, Production and R&D), take initiatives in this direction: sorting printer cartridges, sorting coffee capsules, using rechargeable batteries, using paper only when necessary, choosing packaging produced in cardboard rather than plastic, etc.

We have joined Ecosystem for the management of electronic waste during the lifecycle of our products. JM Concept has chosen to meet its regulatory obligations by financing a collective recycling sector, in order to pool resources with other manufacturers, distributors and importers.

In order to preserve natural resources, there is a real need to produce sustainably and avoid polluting. One of the solutions is recycling.

The recycling of professional WEEE leads to concrete benefits:

  • Reduction of the environmental impacts of the end of life of products (depollution, dismantling).
  • Preservation of natural resources thanks to recovered materials.
  • Creation of jobs and industrial know-how in the recycling sector

JM Concept uses very few chemicals (use of varnishes for the tropicalization of certain products (1%), and cleaning solvents. Employees are made aware of their use and we do not use water for our processes (no discharge into nature). Regular reminders are made during weekly meetings with the sales teams on route optimization and the importance of smooth and responsible driving.


JM Concept is naturally in favor of professional equality. We encourage diversity and inclusion in our recruitment. A policy of training and development of the employability of all employees is in place. Listening to the requests that are raised, the management regularly offers training (internal or external) to those who wish to attend.

A competency matrix is updated regularly and reviewed annually.

We push, in a caring manner, everyone to excel. All teams are mobilized and interested in change and growth personally and collectively.


The leadership in place is a participative Leadership, based on consensus, mutual trust, and valuing collective intelligence. The opinion of each employee is important. We leave room for great creativity, brainstorming, everyone's capacity for innovation, but also frank and constructive criticism.

A great deal of freedom is left to each employee in order to promote initiative and creativity. This mode of leadership has proven its worth, especially during the crises encountered in recent months (COVID, shortages, etc.). Thanks to this mode of governance, solutions have been found and JM Concept has been able to continue to move forward.

The kindness and trust instilled makes it easier for everyone to be resilient and allows us to develop a real capacity for adaptation.

In general, ESG responsibility is part of the stakeholder review. Key Performance Indicators KPIs are measured quarterly and reviewed with the different process pilots. These KPIs are analyzed in a management review annually, and actions (for prevention, correction...) are taken if necessary. It is a collective responsibility that we are promote a little more each day.