JM Concept electrical signal conditioning devices

JM Concept is a French family-owned company that designs, manufactures and markets high precision signal conditioning devices for the isolation, measurement, conversion and transmission of electrical signals and signals from various industrial sensors. They ensure the transmission of these signals to any type of PLC, Scada, or other network in order to have a robust and reliable automation process in harsh industrial environments.

Our devices have four characteristics: isolation, universality, Pluggability, and communication. These characteristics together make them unique.



The isolation of our devices is best in class (2500VRMS Inputs - Outputs - Power supply). We are thus able to effectively eliminate any parasitic noise or galvanic potential affecting the measurement.



Our products can be powered by any type of power source (DC or AC). Our universal product lines connect directly to any industrial analog sensor. They convert and transmit these signals to various PLCs. They transmit them directly and to any control panel or even directly to a computer server.



Our devices are hot-swappable (i.e. the transmitter can be removed and replaced without interrupting the power supply to other devices). This ensures maximum continuity for easy maintenance and upgrades.



Our Isolators, Converters, Transmitters, Indicators and Remote I/O provide communicating solutions. Our products guarantee the reliability of analogue or digital transmissions via fieldbus (Modbus, Profibus, Profinet...). 

All our products (except ULCOS) have a digital RS485 bus on the rear panel that allows bi-directional communication that can be used to configure the product. A USB socket output on the front panel which not only helps us to register or configure the transmitter with a PC (using free proprietary software), but also to simulate the output(s) independently of the inputs e.g. in a maintenance scenario.


And the guarantees ? 

We carefully select each component and test each product individually, to offer warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years.