Creator of your solutions

We are passionate about how our customers use our equipment. Their specific problems and application requirements are the key drivers of JM Concept innovation. Our goal is to optimise your isolation, measurement, conversion, and transmission solutions with our unique product advantages.





    We operate in various sectors
    By meeting the need for reliable measurement and transmission in demanding environments.

    • Energie hydro-électrique

    • Water treatment

    • Environmental industry

    • Food industry

    • Transport industry

    • Levage industriel

    • Fours, incinérateurs et sidérurgie

    • Other industries

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      Hydro-electric Energy
      China is our first destination where our products are appreciated by the hydraulic dam builders (installed on the 3 gorges the largest dam in the world).
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      Water and Wastewater Treatment
      Water, an essential resource for life, is used by millions of users for domestic and industrial purposes.
    • Environnemental Industries

      Renewable energies or renewable energy sources represent nearly 20% of the world's final energy consumption. The sources are numerous: traditional biomass, solar, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, biogas and biofuels, hydrogen...

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      Agri-food Industry

      The agri-food sector concerns all activities aimed at transforming food production resulting from agriculture into ready-to-eat food. It is the first French industrial sector and transforms 70% of the French agricultural production.

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      Transportations Industries

      Our products are used in various sectors of the transportation industry, including automotive, air, sea and rail.

    • Furnaces, Incinerators and Steelworks
      The metallurgy represents the industries producing and working non-ferrous metals and alloys. The iron and steel industry includes industries producing steel and ferrous alloys (iron metallurgy).
    • Industrial lifting equipment

      There are different systems considered as industrial lifting devices. We distinguish forklifts, aerial work platforms, winches, gantries, cranes, overhead cranes ...

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      Other Industries

      If we have segmented some sectors on site, we work in several other sectors of the industry. The exhaustive list would be complex to establish but the main ones are the following: Research, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Paper and Pulp...

They trust us
Our customers all over the world are the best ambassadors of our products through their satisfaction.
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The specialist in electrical signal conditioning devices


JM Concept is a French SME with 27 years of existence, based in Brignais in the Lyon region since 1992.

We design, manufacture and market high precision devices for the measurement, conversion, transmission and isolation of process signals or various sensors (temperature, pressure, level, weighing...) and electrical quantities.

We are proud to have more than 800,000 devices in service worldwide. Our distributors are present in France, Europe and all over the world. In these shops you will find our full range of equipment as well as advice on how to optimise your installations.


Since our foundation, we have been constantly designing, innovating and adapting our devices to the market requirements in order to be universal, modular, reliable and economically competitive. Our goal is to optimise your measurement, conversion, transmission and isolation solutions. Our technology represents the future of Industry 4.0 (IOT) by adding intelligence and connectivity to standard sensors, connecting them directly to the cloud through our intelligent and communicating solutions while maintaining unparalleled isolation.


Our teams of engineers and sales representatives, instrumentalists and automation specialists, are available to advise you, offer you solutions and help you implement your specific processes. Our solutions guarantee the reliability of your analogue or digital fieldbus transmissions (Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, etc.). A rigorous selection of components, as well as individual, exhaustive and strict controls on our test benches, allows us to guarantee all our products for 5 to 10 years. All our devices are manufactured in FRANCE.