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New at JM: The XALIS 1000SIL

The XALIS 1000SIL, a highly anticipated innovation

Discover the latest innovation from JM Concept: the XALIS 1000SIL, an indicator that meets the requirements of the industrial lifting market, as well as all needs for weight measurement and/or various Load constraints. Certified SIL2, the XALIS 1000SIL is specially designed for 4- and 6-wire gauge bridge or Wheatstone inputs. In response to the growing safety expectations of our customers, we have developed and added this latest device to our range of XALIS 1000 indicators, which stands out for its high level of safety and reliability.

A unique solution in the industrial lifting sector

The XALIS 1000SIL is the only device on the market to offer SIL 2 certification for 4- to 6-wire gauge bridge or Wheatstone inputs, two analog outputs including one SIL 2 certified, 1 to 4 relay outputs also certified SIL 2, and communication via the Modbus RTU fieldbus. This combination of features makes it an ideal choice for industrial lifting applications that require optimal performance in terms of control and command.

Increased safety in line with market needs

In terms of safety, the XALIS 1000SIL complies with the IEC 61508-2 standard and generates an output signal in voltage or current representative of a gauge bridge input magnitude. It also offers the possibility of switching the relay outputs to a fallback position when a threshold defined by the operator is exceeded, thereby ensuring increased safety during lifting operations. In addition, in the event of a detected fault, fallback modes or safe states are automatically defined on the analog and relay outputs.

A more valuable proposition than ever

The XALIS 1000SIL offers the competitive advantages of JM Concept devices, including universality, isolation, plugability, and communication. Like all our products, this new device is subject to rigorous individual testing to ensure its reliability. That's why we offer our customers an exceptional 5-year warranty.

At JM Concept, our innovation is grounded in customer needs.

With the XALIS 1000SIL, JM Concept continues to innovate to meet the specific needs of its customers in the industrial lifting market, offering cutting-edge SIL2-certified solutions for optimal safety and reliability. We look forward to showing you all the benefits of the XALIS 1000SIL. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.