Transportation Industry

Our products are used in various sectors of the transport industry, whether automotive, air, maritime or rail.

 In all of these sectors, tests are carried out on the production lines in order to measure the behavior of the products (components, semi-finished products, prototypes, etc.) under actual conditions of use before being placed on the market.  These test benches, once validated, are duplicated and exported all over the world.   

 Thus the actors of these various sectors of activity, use our interfacing solutions such as the EIPLINE, MPNLINE to collect a number of data and send them to the PLC of the various brands (Rockwell, Siemens,..) via the adequate field bus.  TELIS or XALIS transmitters and indicators are generally added to the devices in order to isolate, convert and transmit temperature, pressure, frequency data…


Number of Inputs


Number of Relays

Number of Outputs

Independent isolated outputs