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Our Interfacing Solutions

These interfacing devices allow to decentralize all the inputs and outputs, to receive instructions and to transmit all these data via the fieldbus. Our interfacing system is based on the use of baseline boards that can accommodate different types of modules (Process, PT100, Thermocouple, digital inputs...). The modules are hot-swappable allowing easy upgrades and continuity of service.

Simplicity, Modularity and Versality!

3 possible devices are illustrated below:

  • The WK 6000IS hot-pluggable Power Measurement Units, designed to measure and convert all electrical parameters of primary and composite values on all electrical networks, and having galvanic isolation. These WK 6000IS dataloggers can be used in Modbus TCP in gateway mode and as a head-end for other modules (Scan I/O)
  • LINE concentrators using the internal communication of the Baselines to manage the communication with its slaves and taking care of the communication with the automatons according to various field buses (Modbus TCP, Profinet, Ethernet IP...). These concentrators can manage up to 24 I/O modules, thus allowing to perfectly dimension the measurement needs (up to 96 channels).
  • UHLIS 3000 4-channel analog acquisition interfaces with quadruple galvanic isolation for data transmission to existing installations and/or the cloud via the Modbus protocol. The UHLIS 3000TCP can be used in Modbus TCP in gateway mode and as a head-end for other modules (in Scan I/O).

We also develop products specific to your uses, feel free to contact us

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