JM Actus
Application Cases

Our connected and interfacing solutions

Specialized in #electricalsignalconditioningdevices, we offer a range of connected solutions allowing communication between a sensor of any type to a #PLC.

The UHLIS data acquisition solution, with 4 isolated current or voltage inputs, digital inputs or pulse counters, reduce the footprint to 5.6 mm per channel.

The data and communication hub LINE allow data transfer according to the desired #fieldbus (Modbus, Ethernet IP, Profinet, Profibus...), and are able to interface up to 31 slaves.

The remote inputs/outputs are interfacing solutions compatible with different fieldbuses and allow to connect several channels to the PLC network via our baselines (BL) equipped with power supply buses.

With our connected solutions, setup is easy and communication is seamless. Universal and hot swappable plug in and out, our devices eliminate #galvanic insulators since each channel is isolated up to 2500 Vrms. No more need for sensor power supplies, they are integrated to our devices.